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The documentaries are only available in German

All documentaries are only available in German. Please visit the German section of the site to read them

Gordian Troeller from Luxembourg and Marie-Claude Deffarge from France worked as a reporter team for STERN magazine from 1959 to 1969. Henri Nannen, the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief, brought them to Hamburg as journalists with experience abroad.

They quickly made a name for themselves with courageous socio-political reports. Her focus became the Third World. In the ten years at STERN they reported on almost all freedom movements of the time. However, her greatest success was the 25-part series “The Women of this World”, in which she examined the living conditions and attitudes towards family and sexuality in different cultures.

All 80 STERN documentaries are posted in chronological order – with the spelling and punctuation of the time, with the headings of the original, as well as with the photos published in STERN.

The German term “Neger/Negerin” from the original text is also retained, since this term was common at the time without being devalued as ascribed to others or to oneself.

Most of the photos were taken from the Stern template. It would be too time-consuming to select them from the approximately 70,000 black-and-white images. The originals of the entire photo archive are in the Museum Folkwang in Essen and are made accessible to the public there.

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