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The Early Works

A french woman with the North Yemen tribes

A War Report from Mediaeval Times (North Yemen)

Drenched in Blood (Kurdistan)

The Forgotten Genocide (Southern Sudan)

The Siege of Sana’a (North-Yemen)

The Uprising of the Slaves (Dhofar/Oman)

The Revolution in Year One (Peru)

The Revolutionary Church in Latin America

The Middle Ages resist — North Yemen after the Civil War

Jews in North Yemen

The Land of 1001 Oil Rigs (Persian/Arab Golf)

South Sudan – Another Biafra?

The Age of Mercenaries (Eminrates)

The Sultanate of Oman

South Yemen, the Cuba of the Arab World

Algiers, Capital of the Revolutionaries

Communists since a Thousand Years (South Yemen)

The Revolution of the Common Man (Madagascar)

The Angry Corsicans (France)

In the Name of Progress

Impossible Independence

The School of the Devil

To Hell with School

The Plunderers

Rich Men’s Medicine in Poor Men’s Country

The White Revolution

For Better or for Worse

The Winegrowers’ Revolt

No Respect for Holy Cows

Protest against Paris

No where to go – the Indians in Canada

Alone against the Mighty

Black Islam

The Basques and the Catalans

Forbidden Freedom

The Grey Panthers (USA)

The Descendants of the Incas

The last Stand of the Eskimos

Factories for the Third World

The Persian Dream

Bitter Sugar

The Seeds of Progress or The End of Development

Women of this World

Male Supremacy – Never Heard of lt

The Benefits of Polygamy

Freedom Behind the Veil

In the Service of the Revolution

The Curse of Virginity

Of Modesty and Immodesty

Farewell from Laughter

The Cage of Freedom

The Masters

The Rebellion of the Witches

Betrayed and Sold

In the Name of Love

Children of this World

For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

In the Shadow of the Gods

Holy War Education

Go to School, Turn Into a Fool

They know exactly what they are doing

The Forgotten Ones

Each to His Own

The Tamed Savages – Navajo Indians

Enslaved and Idolised

The Abandoned Ones – Streetkids in Honduras

Children to Order

Toe the Line and You’ll be Fine

In the Shadow of Apartheid

Of Muslims and Christians

“Almancilar” or Returned from Germany

The Descendants of Abraham

The Little Dragons

Controlled, Betrayed and Sold

The New Slaves

Victims of the Drugwar

Robbed of their Future

Welfare despite Scarcity

Victims of Progress

The Price of Freedom

Hostages in a Political Poker Game

The Street Proletariat

From Marx to Mohammed

The Contest of Creeds

At the Brink of Hell

Can they Forget – Will they Forgive?

The Clash of Cultures

The Right to Work

Their Future lies in the Past

No Rights in the Constitutional State

Under the Spell of Islam

When all the errors are exhausted

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