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The Contest of Creeds

Lebanon, 1993

After 17 years of civil war, Lebanon lies devastated. The country is in shambles and in ruins. The various religious communities are now attempting to regain their influence on society. Each community has its own schools, kindergartens and orphanages. Indoctrinating the children, however, only means a perpetuation of old hatreds. Where you cannot forget, you will hardly forgive. In the political cauldron of Lebanese politics and fragmented society, it is very easy to bring the volatile mixture to boil on the basic issue of religion or creed.

a film by Gordian Troeller
original title: Im Machtkampf der Konfessionen
camera: Gordian Troeller
sound: Karin Beißel, Elmar Schmidt
editor: Elke Schloo
28 minutes

The film only exists in the German version.

Download the script

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