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Robbed of their Future

Vietnam, 1991

The aftermath of the War can still be felt in Vietnam today. More bombs were dropped on that country than they were on Europe during the Second World War. Agricultural land, industrial estates, hospitals, and schools were all destroyed, resulting in a mass rural exodus to overcrowded cities. Starvation rules in the Mekong delta, the former granary of Vietnam. Agent Orange liberally sprayed during the “Defoliation-Operation” has led to an increase in cancer and deformities. Again, children are the main victims; irreparable damage has been done to their mental and physical health, aided and abetted by chronic malnutrition. Since the Soviet Union reduced its aid drastically, Vietnam has had to export 900.000 tons of rice annually to pay for its industrial goods. lt is a vicious circle: malnourished children are needed by their impoverished families to work in the fields instead of going to school, and even if they get to finish school, they are left with no prospects of meaningful employment.

a film of Gordian Troeller
in cooperation with Karin Beissel
camera: Gordian Troeller
sound: Karin Beissel, Juergen Kauffels
editor: Ingeburg Forth
30 minutes

The film only exists in the German version.

Download the script

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