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The Early Works

“During our travels abroad reporting for the Stern illustrated magazine and other newspapers, I often also took a film camera along. Therefore, together with the photo reportages we made quite a number of films. I realized fairly soon that words alone were not sufficient to portray the Third World. Images were needed.
When Marie-Claude and I were working on a reportage about the Turcoman at the Russian border, it turned out to be decisive for our future. Marie-Claude took photographs and I was filming. The photographs were beautiful, but the reality got glossed over. The film on the other hand revealed all. From that moment on we knew: We have to film.”

One of the priorities in these earlier documentaries was the fate of minorities, a subject matter that kept recurring in all their films.
The first few films were all in black and white – unfortunately, most of them are no longer available. We are trying to trace their whereabouts. Should we find them, they will be put on the web.


A french woman with the North Yemen tribes

A War Report from Mediaeval Times (North Yemen)

Drenched in Blood (Kurdistan)

The Forgotten Genocide (Southern Sudan)

The Siege of Sana’a (North-Yemen)

The Uprising of the Slaves (Dhofar/Oman)

The Revolution in Year One (Peru)

The Revolutionary Church in Latin America

The Middle Ages resist — North Yemen after the Civil War

Jews in North Yemen

The Land of 1001 Oil Rigs (Persian/Arab Golf)

South Sudan – Another Biafra?

The Age of Mercenaries (Eminrates)

The Sultanate of Oman

South Yemen, the Cuba of the Arab World

Algiers, Capital of the Revolutionaries

Communists since a Thousand Years (South Yemen)

The Revolution of the Common Man (Madagascar)

The Angry Corsicans (France)

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