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The Early Works

“During our travels abroad reporting for the Stern illustrated magazine and other newspapers, I often also took a film camera along. Therefore, together with the photo reportages we made quite a number of films. I realized fairly soon that words alone were not sufficient to portray the Third World. Images were needed.
When Marie-Claude and I were working on a reportage about the Turcoman at the Russian border, it turned out to be decisive for our future. Marie-Claude took photographs and I was filming. The photographs were beautiful, but the reality got glossed over. The film on the other hand revealed all. From that moment on we knew: We have to film.”

One of the priorities in these earlier documentaries was the fate of minorities, a subject matter that kept recurring in all their films.
The first few films were all in black and white – unfortunately, most of them are no longer available. We are trying to trace their whereabouts. Should we find them, they will be put on the web.


A War Report from Mediaeval Times

Drenched in Blood

The Forgotten Genocide

The Siege of Sana’a

The Uprising of the Slaves

The Revolution in Year One

The Revolutionary Church in Latin America

The Middle Ages resist — North Yemen after the Civil War

Jews in North Yemen

The Land of 1001 Oil Rigs

South Sudan – Another Biafra?

The Age of Mercenaries

The Sultanate of Oman

South Yemen, the Cuba of the Arab World

Algiers, Capital of the Revolutionaries

Communists since a Thousand Years

The Revolution of the Common Man

The Angry Corsicans

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