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The Land of 1001 Oil Rigs (Persian/Arab Golf)

Persian Gulf, 1971

After Great Britain had lost Singapore and Aden, Her Majesty’s Government decided to recall her troops from the piratical coast in the Persian-Arabian Gulf. The Emirates that had been under the protectorate of Great Britain were granted the status of an independent Federation. The film was made during the withdrawal of the British. It shows the efforts of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq to police the Persian-Arabian Gulf and thereby gain control over Europe’s and Japan’s life-line.

a film by Gordian Troeller and Marie-Claude Deffarge
original title: Im Land der 1001 Bohrtürme
camera: Gordian Troeller
60 minutes

The film is lost. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a print we would be grateful if they could contact us.

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