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In the Name of Progress

“For over twenty years we were witness to the destructive influence that the cultural and economic imperialism of the industrialised nations had on the peoples of the so called Third World. We had known these countries before their underdevelopment – e.g.Yemen – and had seen with our own eyes how underdevelopment begins when the economy of a country is adjusted to meet the needs of a stronger economy, i.e. when it is integrated into global trade. We had studied cultures whose autonomous development had been blocked because western civilisation had been declared the measure of all things. Local rulers were ashamed of their indigenous people as long as they had not been turned into caricatures of the white man. We knew from experience that western ethnocentricity and blind faith in development rendered impossible an understanding of other cultures and were directly responsible for the political, cultural and economic chaos in the Third World.”

Impossible Independence

The School of the Devil

To Hell with School

The Plunderers

Rich Men’s Medicine in Poor Men’s Country

The White Revolution

For Better or for Worse

The Winegrowers’ Revolt

No Respect for Holy Cows

Protest against Paris

No where to go – the Indians in Canada

Alone against the Mighty

Black Islam

The Basques and the Catalans

Forbidden Freedom

The Grey Panthers (USA)

The Descendants of the Incas

The last Stand of the Eskimos

Factories for the Third World

The Persian Dream

Bitter Sugar

The Seeds of Progress or The End of Development

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